Welcome to AdCharacters!

Welcome to AdCharacters!

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Welcome to all this their website-blog: AdCharacters.com

My name is Heroud Ramos, designer – illustrator and this is my website.

After much time dreaming and planning is a pleasure for me to welcome all those who love Cartoon characters, graphic design and illustration to this page and hopefully useful reference for many people.

If anyone still trying AdCharacters question basically is the website that was created to provide the service of Cartoon Characters to help present, communicate and sell products and ideas.

Despite that, I want this section of the blog be also a sort of journal of my work, becoming a reference site and information both to other colleagues or people who want to know more about all of this exciting world.

Enough for now, I’ll be bringing you more soon Post valuable information for everyone.


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  • Posted on This really made me laugh! Such a cute story! I can see why you think that girngebread man was a fail, but he inspired you to write this cute thing, so it’s not entirely fail, is it?


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